A Reflection on Kindness

The podcast is showcasing the public science project known as The Kindness Test. The Kindness Test is being conducted by the University of Sussex and the BBC, and it is setting about doing the largest research ever conducted on this topic. Although research in the area of kindness has been expanding greatly in the last 10 years, from its impact on relationships, the work place, and even politics, there is still a lot we really don’t know. The study aims to investigate, from us the public, what kindness really means to us, how it affects us, how we relate to it, what motivates us, or stops us from being kind?

On this podcast we hear about some of the neuroscientific research around kindness. How kindness towards others is genetically wired within us for survival, and how acts of kindness are neurologically mapping patterns that predispose us and others to do more kind things… kindness really is contagious! The research also highlights the fact that we are much less likely to help those in need that we don’t know, or who are not within our own group or culture. The Kindness Test aims to look at this too-How can we enable people to move past superficial differences and recognise common humanity?

After doing The Kindness Test myself I can tell you it really made me pause and think. Are my actions really aligned with my values and self image? What are the small steps I might take to bring more kindness into others’ lives-especially those who I don’t know. Lots to mull over. Some really useful reflective time on how I might live with more kindness.

You can listen to the podcast on The Kindness Test here

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