8 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course


Dates & Times

Start Date

June 22, 2021


6:30 pm
to  9:00 pm

End Date

August 10, 2021




Course Delivered Online

Booking Information

Course Price:   300 euros (Concessions available for low wage/social welfare/student. Payment in instalments possible)

Course Description

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme takes place over 8 consecutive weeks. It provides a training in mindfulness meditation and awareness practices which have been shown to reduce stress, and increase well-being for people with a wide range of concerns, from stress and anxiety, to chronic pain and insomnia and many more conditions. It was developed by Dr Jon Kabat Zinn in 1979 in the University of Massachusetts Medical School. This programme became what is now the Centre for Mindfulness in Medicine, healthcare and Society.

Within this 30 year time frame the MBSR has been rigorously researched and has been found to be effective with many forms of stress; from relationships, parenting, work stress, as well as chronic pain, and dealing with illnesses such as cancer. The MBSR curriculum allows participants to find their own inner resources for living life with more ease, and more resilience. It is the most highly researched mindfulness based intervention and spans many populations and disciplines. The MBSR programme has served hundreds and thousands of participants over the last three decades.

The course is interactive, supportive, and structured. It runs for 8 weeks, and each class is 2.5 hours. The MBSR will provide you with:

Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices, ie: body scan, mindful movement, breath awareness and more
An enquiry process to deepen individual and group understanding to support aligning ourselves to being more present in our lives
Opportunities to discuss how to work with obstacles to mindfulness, and how we can best integrate mindfulness into daily life in a variety of ways.
Less reactivity, and more awareness – building a greater ability to respond to life’s demands and difficulties with skill, openness, and self kindness
The programme is both rewarding and challenging and requires a high level of ongoing commitment to yourself and the home practice. Home practice is a major part of the course and will involve guided mindfulness practices of about 45 minutes a day. All materials needed will be provided including mp3s of guided practices, and a handbook.

Towards the final weeks of the course participants will attend an all day guided retreat. This is an opportunity to experiment with mindfulness through a longer period of uninterrupted practice. All parts of this day are guided by the teacher.

Course Teacher


MSc (Hons) Mindfulness Based Interventions, BSc (Hons) Occ Ther.

Profile Summary

Rachel is a certified mindfulness teacher and has been trained with Bangor University in the UK, and UCD (University College Dublin), on their Masters Programme in Mindfulness Based Interventions. Rachel’s background is in Occupational Therapy. She has worked in various sectors for the past 12 years, including disability, paediatrics, equine assisted therapy, and has specialised in the area of mental health. Rachel works as a Senior Clinician, in a transdisciplinary role for a primary care mental health service. Rachel’s personal journey with mindfulness started in 2009 when she completed her first course in Buddhist meditation, drawn to it out of curiosity. Since this time, and in particular in the past 5 years, her practice and commitment to mindfulness has gradually deepened through participation on various courses, trainings and silent retreats. Rachel takes great joy in teaching mindfulness as it is a way that she can continue to learn and grow-developing more insights into how to live with more awareness, kindness and courage. She believes that a sense of humour and fun has an important place in this intimate and self-revealing practice. She also believes in teaching that being mindful doesn’t mean we need to change who we are, and that we don’t need to be a certain type of person to discover how practicing mindfulness might help us. Rachel is deeply committed to facilitating participants to find their own unique relationship with mindfulness, staying curious and open to what this may be. Rachel teaches mindfulness programmes to health care staff, young people, and to the general public. She organises mindfulness workshops and retreats in Dublin, Poland, and on line. In addition, she offers introductory courses in mindfulness to community groups, businesses and public sector organisations and offers one-to-one mindfulness training on request. She is a member of, and adheres to the standards set down by, the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland, including cultivating a daily personal practice, working with a trained Mindfulness Supervisor and regular attendance at mindfulness trainings and residential retreats

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