Mindful Self Compassion with Barry Lee & Josephine Lynch


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Start Date

September 21, 2022


6:30 pm
to  9:00 pm

End Date

November 9, 2022


Mindfulness & Compassion


Course Delivered Online

Booking Information

Course Price:   €350 (We never want money to be an insurmountable obstacle so some concessions are available for those who need them)

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If you have any questions about the course. Please contact Barry on 0872027030

Course Description

If mindfulness teaches us to be more aware of our present moment experience, self-compassion teaches us how to relate to our present moment experience in (what is for most of us) a very different way.

It involves treating oneself as one would a friend, being more mindful, and understanding our situation in the context of a larger human experience. When we can be more understanding and gentler with ourselves, identify less with the emotions that surround our mistakes, and understand that failure is a normal part of the larger human experience, we become stronger and more resilient. There is now a significant body of evidence showing that practicing self-compassion is strongly correlated with increased emotional resilience and well-being, in addition to reduced stress and anxiety (Stanford Medicine – The Scientific Benefits of Self Compassion).

In this course participants will learn a variety of formal and informal practices which have been shown to increase self-compassion and resilience. Practicing over an 8 week period gives participants a chance to incorporate the practices into their lives and observe the benefits for themselves.

What past participants have said:

“The MSC course was the first time I’d ever taken a course through Zoom, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to engage with and feel connected to people despite the distance and everything happening through my phone screen. Barry and Josephine were excellently prepared regarding both the material taught and the online format. They were also very patient and understanding of anyone who had internet connection issues, which made me less anxious about doing this course completely online. I especially liked the breakout rooms, as it was so interesting, useful to hear others’ perspectives while contributing my own. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.” – Sorcha Szczerbiak

“I recently completed the MSC 8 week programme.  Honestly, it was the most transformative activity (of the many!) I have undertaken. Any initial concern about the online aspect was quickly dispelled, both by the warm and engaging manner in which the programme was facilitated and the formal and informal interaction within the group. In particular, I found the feedback process following each session to be very comprehensive and helpful.  Highly recommended, it has been a gentle, life-changing event for me – happy to answer any questions.” – John Cassidy

“I undertook the MSC course online during a very difficult time for me. Those few hours on Wednesday evenings that I spent in the company of my course-mates under the gentle guidance of Barry and Josephine became a focal point in my week. They gave me a chance to find my feet again and, as a group, we created a safe and welcoming space that I looked forward to visiting each week. The experience of taking the course online made it really accessible and, to my surprise, still allowed us to feel a deep sense of community and support for one another as the course unfolded.” – Clare Spain

“The 8 week mindful self compassion course, with Josephine and Barry was of real benefit.  We were skillfully guided in a variety of practices, and introduced to a kind way of working with whatever arises.  I was surprised how well the online format worked: the group was very engaging and despite my misgivings, the online platform proved very supportive.  Highly recommended.” – Dee Kerins

“The course has taught me it’s ok to be kind to myself when things are difficult and how much that can help rather than constantly listening to my inner critic. Overall I found the online experience was very positive. I was surprised how well everyone in the group got on and openly shared individual stories. I looked forward each week to meeting the people in my group. The experience was enhanced by the course facilitators Josephine and Barry who created a warm welcoming  and relaxed atmosphere which supported the group to come together so well. I found the course materials both the practices and written information very useful and I continue to refer to them. I highly recommend this course with Josephine and Barry. “– Olivia Quill

Course Teacher


Certified MBSR Teacher (Institute For Mindfulness Based Approaches); Certified Yoga Teacher (500 hours Yoga Alliance);

Profile Summary

I am a trained mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor. I have practiced meditation for over ten years and have trained as a mindfulness teacher with the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches.

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