MTAI Retreat on Insight Dialogue

At the beginning of February, 28 members of MTAI attended a weekend retreat in Tullow, Co Carlow facilitated by Catherine Sutton.  The theme of the retreat was ‘Insight Dialogue’, which has its roots in the Buddha’s early teachings on the human experience and the practice of Vipassanā meditation, and was co-created by Gregory Kramer and Terri O’Fallon.  Over the weekend, Catherine paired participants up as she took them through a number of different practical exercises illustrating the six guidelines of Insight Dialogue.

  1. Pause – Stepping out of habitual thoughts and reactions into experience in the present moment
  2. Relax – Invitation to calm the body and mind
  3. Open – Extension of mindfulness from internal to include the external
  4. Attune to emergence – Entering the moment without an agenda
  5. Listen deeply – Listening mindfully, with an awareness that is relaxed and open
  6. Speak the truth – Discernment of what to say amid the universe of possibilities

People were nourished by the wonderful cooking of Dorene and the peaceful surroundings of Teach Bhríde in Tullow.

For more information on this type of training please contact Catherine Sutton on


Julien Porzadny displays the MTAI poster at FÉILTE 2019, the Teaching Council’s annual Festival of Education in Learning and Teaching Excellence.  This event celebrates the wonderful work that teachers do every day in their classrooms and gives teachers the opportunity to collaborate and share this work with each other and with the wider public.  It was held in Galway on 27th / 28th September.

Bishop Cullinan, yoga and Zen

Sir, – Would the Bishop of Waterford and Lismore be willing to see what all the fuss is about by taking a mindfulness course himself so that he might be able to speak from his own experience and thus a more informed perspective? Mindfulness as it is taught in Irish schools has been adapted so that people of all religions and none can benefit from what it has to offer. There is a strong evidence base that many of us, even perhaps the bishop himself, can benefit from these trainings, in learning to contribute to the development of a less reactive, more compassionate and inclusive society. – Yours, etc,



The Mindfulness Teacher Association of Ireland,

Dublin 12.


Published in Irish Times on Monday 14th October, 2019

Day of Exploring Embodiment with Trish Haugh

Don’t miss this Day of Exploring Embodiment with Trish Haugh,  a yoga teacher & psychotherapist with 35 years of working with movement and somatic attunement.  Trish’s work includes, training The Feldenkrais Method, Developmental Movement and linking our physiology and psychology from a Wincottian Attachment perspective.  Please have a look at her fascinating bio.  This  is an area that many of us do not feel so confident in and it will be a very worthwhile day in Marino College.

Date:  Saturday 9th November
Location: Marino Institute of Education, Griffith Ave, Clontarf.
Times: 10am – 4.30pm

MTAI at St John of God Wellbeing Fair

At a Health and Wellbeing fair for staff of St John of God Hospital (Dublin) in August, Mairead O’Keeffe (left) represented the MTAI.  Orlaith Donoghue (right), Head of Occupational Therapy, invited us to participate and she reported “ feedback was really positive and your input  was appreciated”.
If you know of any events that are coming up, do get in touch at
We will do our best to attend.

Prof. Brendan Kelly to speak at MTAI AGM

MTAI AGM will be held in Cork on Saturday April 4th, 2020.

MTAI 2020 AGM will be opened by Professor Brendan Kelly at The Imperial Hotel, Cork on Saturday April 4th.

Soup and sandwiches will be available at 12.30, and this will be followed by Professor Kelly’s talk on the relationship between mindfulness practices and psychological therapies, mental illness and the like.

The AGM will be finished by 4.30pm and this meeting is covered by your membership fee.

Brendan Kelly is Professor of Psychiatry at Trinity College Dublin, Consultant Psychiatrist at Tallaght Hospital, and author of Mental Health in Ireland: The Complete Guide for Patients, Families, Health Care Professionals and Everyone Who Wants to be Well.  Author and co-authored of over 200 peer-reviewed publications and 400 non-peer-reviewed publications, his research interests include the epidemiology of psychosis, mental health services, the history of psychiatry, and human rights in mental health.

“There is a tendency to conflate general good living (running, broccoli, mindfulness) with psychological therapy.  Indeed, some people believe Buddhism is a psychological therapy.  And, in a sense, all of these things are good psychological therapy, but we must not place undue burdens or expectations on them; they are powerful but not all-powerful techniques for wellness.  I’m interested in that borderline, and that practitioners of mindfulness are confident in the navigating that borderline in a positive, helpful and confident way.”

Dr Tony Bates becomes Patron of MTAI

Dr Tony Bates is the founder of Jigsaw, the National Agency for Youth Mental Health.  After a long career in clinical psychology, he co-edited ‘Vision for Change’, the mental health strategic review in 2006.  That work motivated him to create an NGO with a mission to provide mental health resources for young people. Jigsaw now has 13 centres across Ireland and has become a critical part of support services for young people in Ireland.

Tony is also credited as one of the people who brought the practice of mindfulness to Ireland following his own experience at the buddhist retreat centre in Plum Village, France with the spiritual leader Thich Nhat Hanh. He is the author of ‘Coming Through Depression, a Mindful Approach to Recovery’.

MTAI at GP Conference

We had a stand at the recent annual conference of the Irish College of General Practitioners on the 3rd/4th of May which was held in the Conference Centre.  Thanks to Ming Rawat a GP and a member of the MTAI for getting us a free stand.

Mairead O Keefe, Ming  and Josephine Lynch  manned the stall. There was some relief from GP’s as they understood there was now a professional body where they could refer patients to with some confidence.

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