Meet the Teacher

This is why I love teaching mindfulness, being able to share the gifts that mindfulness and kindness practices have given me bring me great joy. These gift are not only available while meditating, sitting still or practising mindful movement. I can pause at any moment of my day : pause if I feel overwhelmed, pause to enjoy a sunset without thinking of the next day, to play with my dogs like nothing else existed in that moment, pause to feel the joy and the sadness, the anger, the pain, without running away from the difficulties of life.

I believe that each one of us can learn to remember how to be present, and finding a teacher that ‘walks the walk’ and can gently guide you on the first steps to mindfulness is the best way to start on the path of living more mindfully. Afters years of practising meditation and attending retreats, I trained as a MBSR teacher, and have been teaching mindfulness courses and short retreats. I am also fully accredited with Breathworks, recently trained with Trish Bartley to teach MBCT for Cancer.

I teach in the West Cork area, to small groups and one-to-one. You can find out about courses and other events on my website here, or you can also check out my Instagram, or Facebook.

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