Mindful Moment Newsletter October 2021

Mindful Moment Newsletter – October 2021

Welcome to the October 2021 edition of The Mindful Moment Newsletter! The Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland is delighted to be offering this newsletter which is for anyone interested in mindfulness.

In this newsletter we feature mindful parenting. Mindfulness Teacher Michele Van Valey shares her wisdom and insight in this honest and heartfelt piece on how the awareness and compassion found in mindfulness can help navigate the challenges of being a parent. We meet the lovely Paola Vais in ‘Meet the Teacher’ as she generously shares what mindfulness means to her. We also shine a light on one of the core tenants of mindfulness-kindness. We look at some research and invite some reflection and pause through poetry.

If you are interested in learning more about meditation and mindfulness there are lots of courses facilitated by highly qualified teachers starting soon for you, or for your workplace. For more information click the link below. We wish you well, and hope that you are finding the shifting colours of autumn as joyful and resourcing as we are.

Warmest Wishes,

The Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland.

Just Like Me: Mindful Parenting

Preparing to leave the house can be challenging in ours. Kind, encouraging prompts to find a jumper and get some shoes might begin to deteriorate into exasperation as each time I catch sight of the child, they are no closer to being ready. Sensing my building impatience, the
child’s resistance increases sending me into hyperdrive and now I’m just barking orders and people are beginning to unravel.

Tired of leaving the house with at least one person fuming or in tears, I took a Mindful Parenting class with Niamh Barrett and I began to tune in to what was really happening.

Meet the teacher - Paola Vais

Meet the Teacher

Hello, I’m Paola Vais.
I’m originally from Italy but living in West Cork, where I came to work for a summer in 1997 and never left.

My clearest childhood memories are of moments where I was fully there, fully present and not wishing I was somewhere or somebody else. Growing up that sense of being present started hiding, I found myself more and more wishing I was somewhere else, doing something else, being someone else, and started realising that it was only when I was present with the whole of my experience I felt at ease. Re-discovering that innate inner capacity and cultivating it more and more consciously has been the greatest gift the practice of mindfulness and kindness have brought me. Mindfulness allows me to find a sense of being at ease even in the midst of difficulties, to pause and become fully present with the experience of the moment.

A Reflection on Kindness

Kindness is central to mindfulness. It is the heart of mindfulness. In fact without kindness, there really is no mindfulness.

The Kindness Test, illustration of someone handing a flower to someone else

Kindness is such a fundamental part of our lives, our well being, our making meaning of the world. It shapes our mindfulness practice, and our intentions to live mindfully in our day to day lives. When a colleague shared a podcast called The Kindness Test from BBC Radio recently, which happens to be all about kindness- it seemed worthy of sharing here on the Mindful Moment Newsletter.

After doing The Kindness Test myself I can tell you it really made me pause and think. Are my actions really aligned with my values and self image?

Poetry for Pause.

Those of you who might have done a mindfulness course before will be struck by how much poetry features in the teaching. Poetry, for many of us, can speak to the heart and to our experience in a way that traditional spoken or written word does not.

On the topic of kindness in this newsletter we are featuring the beloved poem Kindness by Naomi Shihab Nye. Below is an opportunity to pause for 2 minutes and see how these words land with you today. Whether the poem is new to you or not, we hope you enjoy.

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