Mindfulness & Social Inclusion

The MTAI's Commitment to respecting Diversity

  • The MTAI is committed to respecting diversity and creating an inclusive environment for people from all backgrounds, regardless of socio-economic class, ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability or education.
  • We recognise and are committed to learning about how certain societal and environmental structures favour some groups and discriminate against others, with serious implications for physical and mental health, and leading to significant discrepancies in life expectancy and infant mortality. We recognise that many groups are subjected to social injustice on a daily basis.
  • We are committed to learning about how to engage with and talk about the difficult issues that are often avoided in the mistaken belief that avoiding what may be painful will lead to harmony.
  • We are eager to engage with voices that have often been silenced or dismissed, and have not been part of our society’s dominant discourse.
  • We are committed to sharing mindfulness so that all of us have the opportunity to resource ourselves and to be of help in resourcing families and communities. Just as happiness is not an individual matter, neither is mindfulness. Mindfulness recognises that all life is deeply interwoven and that we all affect and are affected by the world around us.
  • We are committed to the inner and outer freedom of all beings.


In keeping with this commitment the MTAI have set up an annual grant towards offering mindfulness to areas of less privilege. This year 2020, the Upper Springfield Development Trust Healthy Living Centre Belfast availed of this and a mindfulness course was run by a certified teacher.
We are also supporting teachers who are working in these areas by offering a grant towards their supervision.

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