At the beginning of February, 28 members of MTAI attended a weekend retreat in Tullow, Co Carlow facilitated by Catherine Sutton.  The theme of the retreat was ‘Insight Dialogue’, which has its roots in the Buddha’s early teachings on the human experience and the practice of Vipassanā meditation, and was co-created by Gregory Kramer and Terri O’Fallon.  Over the weekend, Catherine paired participants up as she took them through a number of different practical exercises illustrating the six guidelines of Insight Dialogue.

  1. Pause – Stepping out of habitual thoughts and reactions into experience in the present moment
  2. Relax – Invitation to calm the body and mind
  3. Open – Extension of mindfulness from internal to include the external
  4. Attune to emergence – Entering the moment without an agenda
  5. Listen deeply – Listening mindfully, with an awareness that is relaxed and open
  6. Speak the truth – Discernment of what to say amid the universe of possibilities

People were nourished by the wonderful cooking of Dorene and the peaceful surroundings of Teach Bhríde in Tullow.

For more information on this type of training please contact Catherine Sutton on