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MBSR , BWY Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist

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Angelika’s journey began with Meditation and Yoga almost 30 years ago. Inspired by her personal experiences of how Meditation and Yoga was helping her so effectively in navigating difficult times as well as giving her purpose and fulfilment she became a Yoga Teacher in 2004. She has been teaching full time yoga classes ever since to all different groups of people. In 2019 Angelika successfully completed her MBSR Teacher Training with the Mindfulness Center for Professional Training in Dublin. She teaches regular MBSR Courses as well as general Mindfulness Courses and Classes to a wide range of people with different needs. For the last 4 Years she has been teaching Mindfulness Classes as well as Chair Yoga for the Members of the Greystones Cancer Support Center and offers them online now to continue her support for them. Angelika’s skill is to make the practices of Mindfulness and Yoga accessible to everyone, emphasizing the integration of the practice into every day living where it will be most beneficial and needed. Her classes are practice orientated and are taught with compassion and from longstanding personal experience. She continues to learn, to attend retreats and supervision and follows the Good Practice Guidelines of the MTAI and the BWY (British Wheel of Yoga).

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