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MSc in Mindfulness Based Interventions, University College Dublin, 500 RYT Yoga Teacher, MSc in Marketing Practice, Smurfit Graduate Business School, UCD; BA International Business and Spanish, DIT

About Con Sheehan

I grew up in Dublin, Ireland and started practising meditation age 17 to help me overcome an irrational fear of public speaking. I practised mindfulness meditation everyday for years which helped me disengage from unhelpful habits of thinking that made me feel more anxious. Mindfulness not only supported me to overcome the fear of public speaking but the practice also gave me a greater sense of agency and choice in how I lived my life.

As I developed my capacity to self-regulate skilfully in stressful situations, I also developed an interest in learning ways to experience a greater sense of physical vitality and mental peace. I discovered yoga in my early 20’s which was a welcome change for my body after playing rugby for 12 years at the highest level in school. I felt happier and lighter after every session. My interest in yoga and mindfulness led me to sit silent meditation retreats, go on trips to India and Sri Lanka, and take part in yoga trainings both at home and abroad.

My main focus over the years has been developing my work in the area of mindfulness. I completed an MSc in Mindfulness Based Interventions from UCD in 2019 which equipped me with advanced skills to share mindfulness in a skilful way. My commitment is to help people develop their capacity to experience more freedom and choice in their moment to moment experience, especially during times of challenge and change. Equipping people with skills that support self-regulation and enhance their personal growth is at the heart of my work.

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