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Masters of Science in 'Mindfulness Based Interventions' from UCD (University College Dublin) from the School of Psychology

About Geraldine Velner-Carroll

Geraldine works fulltime as a HR Leader in a global Corporate organization, and holds a Masters of Science in 'Mindfulness Based Interventions' from UCD (University College Dublin) from the School of Psychology. She regularly attends workshops, conferences and retreats in meditation and mindfulness, and adheres to the Good Practice Guidelines for teaching Mindfulness.

Geraldine is recognized within the HR industry in Ireland as a subject matter expert on wellbeing in the workplace, is a regular speaker at wellness events in the corporate world, and intends to continue being an ambassador for integrating Mindfulness further into the workplace. She is wholly convinced of the need to help fellow humans to reduce even a little of their suffering, which is so common to us all in the modern high-performing world we live in. She believes the gift of building the skill of mindfulness can contribute to human healing – helping to build a life-skill that may quite simply be the key to enhancing and enriching life, whilst acknowledging that Mindfulness is non-fixing in its origin and intention - we don’t learn the skill of Mindfulness to fix something.

Geraldine personally wants to be a part of the change in the world where more people can start to believe in their own inner wisdom and ability to self-heal, and reduce (mental, physical and relationship) suffering.

Jon Kabat-Zinn’s words from his work ‘Full Catastrophe Living’ continue to inspire Geraldine, when he references how to find a need to develop a commitment to practice mindfulness: “Once you see the critical need to nourish your being, once you see the need to calm your heart and your mind, and to find an inner balance with which to face the storms of life, your commitment to make that time a priority and the requisite discipline to make it a reality develop naturally.’

Warm wishes of awareness and kindness,

Geraldine Velner-Carroll

Website:  MindfulnessByGeraldine (Instagram & Facebook)

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