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Mindfulness-Based Approaches, Cognitive-Behavioural Psychotherapy (CBT)

About Shirine Beausang

Shirine Beausang is a teacher in Mindfulness-Based Approaches such as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

Mindfulness meditation is a way of life for Shirine and she has committed fully to this process for over fifteen years. As a result, she has benefitted enormously in terms of her own personal wellbeing, acceptance, healing and peace. Suaimhneas Mindfulness was established as Shirine was inspired to be of benefit to others who are embarking on their own journey in mindfulness.

Shirine has participated in many intensive silent retreats both in Ireland and abroad and has studied with many inspiring teachers who have supported her on her path. Over the years, she has engaged in Buddhist meditation retreats and study in Northern India and Nepal. She continues to return there on a regular basis and this has supported her to significantly deepen in her own personal meditation practice. In particular, she practices a mindfulness-based practice known as loving kindness and considers the cultivation of self-compassion and friendliness towards oneself to be the foundation of inner wellbeing. This resonates in her approach to teaching mindfulness. Shirine is also a fully qualified yoga teacher who has studied intensively with many reputable yoga teachers in India and at home. She has an interest in the application of mindfulness meditation in yoga, which is related to more traditional Indian Hatha yoga practices.

Shirine is an experienced manager and team leader in the social care professions and has over fifteen years of experience of working extensively with both adults and adolescents with complex mental health needs, social and emotional difficulties. In addition, she currently works in a role as key worker with adults with ASD (Asperger Syndrome). Shirine is also a Cognitive Behaviour Psychotherapist and has pre-accreditation with Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy Ireland (CBPI). As a result, Shirine has a specific interest in bringing mindfulness to individuals who experience worry, anxiety and low mood.

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