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MBSR Teacher Certificate, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Diploma, BComm. CIMA

About Susan Keane

My mindfulness journey started over twenty years ago as I watched a loved one battle with terminal cancer. I found a yoga/meditation class, and from there the seed was planted. I qualified as a hatha yoga instructor in 2007, and I completed the accredited MBSR teacher training programme in 2016. I engage in continuous professional development, have a supervisor but crucially I practice mindfulness daily. A mindful practice can be a one-hour formal practice or a short one-minute breathing exercise that helps me pause, come down from the head and connect to life again. It is an ongoing self-development tool, the more you put in, the more you get out.
Life is a challenge, we all have suffering, hurt and insecurities, for me, mindfulness is a tool that helps me grow, nourishes in times of difficulties and connects me to life as it is now, not how I expect it to be.
I am also an accountant and work with businesses facilitating change, coaching and embedding corporate wellness strategies. I understand and recognise the benefits of mindfulness in organisations. I am Ibec's lead KeepWell Mark Assessor where I complete wellness audits and report on how well the company is managing wellness, and how it can be further weaved into the company's culture. My business knowledge combined with my mindfulness practice provides organisations with practical solutions to address the wellness agenda. I bring a combination of empathy and confidence to challenge clients and to enhance decision making that makes for mindful cultures.
In addition to private clients, I have over twenty-five years working with clients such as Britvic, Diageo, Du Pont, Ernst & Young, Ibec, Mars Ireland, Oracle, SkillnetIreland, UCC, Ulster Bank and Vhi.

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