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Mindfulness for Me

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International Conference on Mindfulness

2nd to 6th August 2024

Join the International Conference on Mindfulness (ICM:2024) in Bangor, UK, Aug 2-6, to explore mindfulness in a changing world. Be part of the discussion, engage with thought leaders and help shape the conversation.

From The Mindfulness Centre

Food for the Heart - The Factors of Awakening: a 7-Day Silent Residential Retreat, August 2024

11th to 17th August 2024

For Mindfulness Teachers and Trainee Teachers

With Jaya Rudgard and Christoph Köck

Members Events

Deep Listening Peer Sessions

Upcoming Deep Listening Session Dates

Saturday June 8th 9.30am – 11am

Developing a Mindful Heart and a Heartful Mind as an MBP Teacher

28th September 2024

​This 1 day mini retreat will explore the embodiment of mindfulness, wisdom and compassion and how we can integrate and balance these valuable qualities in our life and teaching.

The MTAI would like to wish Tony Bates, our distinguished patron, every success with the launch of his wonderful new book.

Breaking the heart open by Tony Bates

Breaking the Heart Open by Tony Bates is avaliable in all major book retailers and is published by Gill Books.

Bestselling writer and psychologist Tony Bates has spent his whole career investigating and seeking to understand the lives of others. Here he turns his therapeutic eye on himself and describes the events and people in his own life that have made him the insightful thinker and teacher that he is today – from the traumatic instances of his childhood unpacked over time, to the obstacles and lessons encountered far into his psychology career.

Tony also recounts the stories of the patients that affected him most deeply and informed both the direction of his work and his philosophy as a psychologist, inviting us to reflect on the meaning of our own lives, as well as on the way society supports those with mental health difficulties.

Council circle

Council Circle with Niamh Barrett and Barry Costello​

Friday 30th June, 7 pm - 8:30 pm

Council can be thought of as a ‘regenerative’, community-building practice in which we can listen closely and non-judgmentally to ourselves and others, with mindfulness.


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Member Events

Weaving Mindfulness into your Teaching

Saturday May 14th 10am-12:30 pm

Topics include:

– Teacher Wellbeing II
– Practical Considerations in guiding mindfulness in school settings
– Resources and Further training

Past Event Highlights
Volunteer Ireland
“We were delighted that the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland supported National Volunteering Week 2020. Qualified mindfulness practitioner, Dominic Cogan, delivered a beautiful session to volunteers combining meditation, mindfulness and practical tips and advice. It was great to be able to offer such a thoughtful session to volunteers and encourage them to focus on their own well-being, all thanks to the support of MTAI.”
Volunteer Ireland
"I want to thank you and your colleagues in MTAI for all your wonderful sessions you did for the past 4 months. I could count on one hand the number I missed. They were a huge support to me and continue to be during these strange times.
I can't thank you enough."
"Dear Mindfulness Teachers
This thank you is overdue. For me, bookending my day with our online gatherings has been one of the best things to come out of COVID. I think it is very generous of each of you to share your time and skill so consistently over the last few months - much appreciated.
Lovely to see the same faces day in day out - teachers and others - I feel I know you!
Presumably, things will change, but until then - my sincere thanks."
"The sessions I managed to attend, and mindfulness in general have been my life raft during a spell of very bad back pain when I had to stop working."
Our mission in the Mindfulness Teachers Association of Ireland (MTAI) is to contribute to the public good; to endeavour, through the teaching of mindfulness, to foster human flourishing and to support the development of a more compassionate and inclusive society.

About the MTAI

The MTAI has drawn up guidelines for good practice and upholds these, is committed to the ethical foundations underpinning the teaching of Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBIs), and supports continuous professional development for mindfulness teachers. The MTAI is a member of the European Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (EAMBA).

The MTAI is the professional body representing qualified teachers of MBIs in Ireland.

We have been meeting and supporting mindfulness teachers for the last decade and were formally established as an organization in 2018. We are an independent non-profit organization run by mindfulness teachers who graduated from a range of different mindfulness teaching Institutions. Our standards for accreditation are designed to be fair and inclusive and to ensure an appropriate level of capacity for the mindfulness teacher. Our teachers introduce mindfulness in many settings such as businesses, schools, prisons, hospitals, community centres and not-profit organisations.

We support teacher development and professional and personal growth through supervision, ongoing training, connection with colleagues, attendance on retreats and so on.

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