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MSc (with distinction) in Mindfulness Based Approaches, Bangor University, Wales. Certificate in Mindful Self Compassion from Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff. (2012) Certification in Interpersonal Mindfulnes Teaching (2016) Diploma in Shiatsu (1987)

About Catherine Sutton

Originally trained as a nurse and midwife and having spent a number of years working in Papua New Guinea running a small bush hospital I become interested in preventive medicine. On return home I trained as a Shiatsu therapist and worked for several years offering Shiatsu and dietary advice to individuals and in 1989 myself and colleagues started a Shiatsu school and trained many people over subsequent years.
In 1990 I was involved in starting a community based organisation - Slainte Pobal. The focus was on training women within disadvantaged communities to manage life’s challenges in a more balanced way, identifying and addressing stress, poor nutrition, anxiety and other related states, offering simple and effective ways to take more control of life’s challenges. We devised a programme - “Taking Control of Your Life".

In 1983 I attended a Zen Retreat and this was a turning point and started my interest in meditation. This was followed by a retreat with a Buddhist monk titled: Mindfulness in Ordinary Daily Life which encouraged me to study, investigate and develop interest in the teachings of the Buddha and the secular presentation of these wisdom teachings. Over the subsequent years I have studied with Buddhist and meditation teachers and attended many retreats and study programmes. I was involved in the early years with the Burmeese Mahisi meditation tradition, the discipline provided a great grounding in practice before finding a more relaxed approach subsequently.
In 2005 I enrolled in the four year Masters programme in Bangor University and finished this with a Masters degree with distinction and have been teaching Mindfulness courses since 2005. In 2007 I commenced the study of Insight Dialogue (a very specific Interpersonal Dhamma practice) with Gregory Kramer doing an 18 month programme – The Whole Life Programme. Gregory has continued to be my primary mentor and teacher. In 2013 I Completed the Mindful Self Compassion training with Kristin Neff and Christopher Germer and have taught many 8 week Self Compassion programmes and retreats since then. I have also completed the training to teach the Interpersonal Mindfulness Programme (based on the work of Gregory Kramer – Insight Dialogue) and have been running this 8 week programme over the last few years. I have taught over 80 Mindfulness Based Courses to date and facilitated numerous Vipassana Retreats and shared my own experience of the Dhamma and the value of meditation and investigation as a support in daily life. My teaching comes from my direct experience and is supported by my interest and study of Buddhist philosophy and psychology. I teach the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy 8 week programmes and also run an 8 week Mindful Self Compassion programme; an 8 week Interpersonal Mindfulness programme; and regular weekend retreats, a week- long retreat each year and numerous day long themed practice days. I'm a keen organic gardener and live as sustainable a life as is possible in the countryside of West Waterford.

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